ExPaNDS - WP4 Meeting at SOLEIL

Main building

Main building


In the scope of the last month of the ExPaNDS project, we are pleased to announce an upcoming WP4 meeting at SOLEIL. This meeting will be an opportunity to gather all WP4 partners of ExPaNDS as well as PaNOSC partners to continue working on the last achievements and further developments of the services after the end of the grant. It aims at providing work sessions and technical discussions in order to pave the way for further collaborations. 


23-24/02: Technical Meeting (expected participants: WP4 ExPaNDS & PaNOSC partners)

27-28/02: Hands-on Meeting (IT staff oriented). Details on the sessions coming soon.


Social dinner: 23/02. 



HOW TO COME TO SOLEILhttps://www.synchrotron-soleil.fr/en/come-soleil

Details on how to come to SOLEIL by public transport on the link above.




Please note that the Guest House at SOLEIL will be closed until the 05/03


Accommodation near SOLEIL (Massy, 25min to go to SOLEIL by bus)

take the bus 91. 06 from Massy TGV Station to Christ de Saclay and stop at l'Orme des Merisiers. 

Or take the bus 91.10 from Massy TGV to Saint Quantin and stop at l'Orme des Merisiers.





Registrations are closed for on-site participation.

If you'd like to attend to the sessions virtually, please contact Majid at majid.ounsy@synchrotron-soleil.fr 


  • Adara Carrión Gallegos
  • Alain BUTEAU
  • Beatriz Lorenzo
  • Eric Moge
  • Erwan Le Gall
  • Fabio Dall'Antonia
  • Franz Lang
  • Frederic POTIER
  • Majid OUNSY
  • Matías Adrián Fisz
  • Nicolas Soler
  • Patrick Fuhrmann
  • Sophie Servan
  • Teodor Ivanoaica
  • Zdenek Matej
  • +11