October 15, 2021
Shanghai (China)
UTC timezone

Like the previous editions, The ICALEPCS MOCRAF workshop group will be a multidisciplinary workshop devoted to the latest developments on motion control, with, this year, a special focus on Mechatronics.  Its purpose is to get feedback from attendees to make the workshop as interesting and pleasurable as possible. This group will remain alive after the workshop to be the input for the future ICALEPCS MOCRAF meetings.

Different topics can be discussed, such as:

1. Experiences in Motion Control

Technical solutions in software and in low level hardware: Kinematic transforms, Complex trajectories, Protection including collision avoidance, Multi-axes and Multi-controller synchronization, Embedded and/or hosted motion features, Closed-loop control systems with different feedback sources, Vibration Control.

2. Experiences in Robotics

Industrial Robot arms, Collaborative robot, Implementations, experience under X-Rays, integration into control systems (Tango, EPICS, ….), maintenance.

3. Experiences in Metrology

Stage evaluations, estimations, simulations, characterization methods.

4. Experiences in Modeling

Tools for modeling and improving motion control and mechanical systems. (Matlab, Simulink, Modelica….)

5. Application experiences

Challenges: submicron positioning complex sample stages environment, continuous and synchronous motion control and data detector's acquisition.

As motion control is only one contribution of a mechatronic systems we would like to take the opportunity of this workshop to invite mechanical and metrolog colleagues to share experience.

If you have topics you want to share or you want to hear please let us know!


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Shanghai (China)
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