This 9th edition of the school will take place at the SOLEIL synchrotron site in Saint-Aubin from November 4th to 8th, 2024. Classes, accommodation and catering will be provided on site. 

The language of the school is English, and the number of places is limited to 27.

The main objectives of the “Crystallography and Large Facilities” thematic school are to acquire the theoretical foundations of crystallography, its methods, and the use of software to solve and refine crystal structures. At Master 2 level, it is aimed at PhD students, post-docs, engineers, researchers,  current or potential users of large-scale facilities (synchrotron or neutron sources) who feel the need to “reconnect” with the fundamentals of crystallography and wish to obtain a state-of-the-art overview of the possibilities offered by different experimental methods. All fields of crystallography are covered.

This 5-day course includes lectures, tutorials and practical works. It enables participants to quickly get familiar with the applications, and to link training with their research work in a concrete way. The school also encourages close interaction with lecturers from leading French crystallography laboratories who are experts in their fields, and exchanges with participants from a wide range of disciplines. A poster session is organized for participants to present their research work.

The main subjects of the program are : 

  • Foundations of crystallography: crystal symmetry, crystal lattices, reciprocal lattices.
  • Theoretical bases of scattering and diffraction.
  • Experimental methods in X-ray and neutron diffraction using large instruments.
  • Structure resolution and refinement from powder diagrams and single-crystal images.
  • Introduction to more advanced concepts: magnetic structures, small-angle diffraction, time-resolved diffraction, diffraction of surfaces and interfaces, total diffraction and coherent diffraction.

More information on the event website

A letter explaining why you wish to take part in the school, and the agreement of the laboratory director, are required for final validation of the application, which must be submitted at the time of registration.
After selecting the candidates, the committee will send a decision to each candidate, who must confirm his or her registration by payment.

Deadlines :

  • Registration / Application: September 16th, 2024

    Please submit your application in section 1 on Application form.
  • Invited talk / Poster: September 30th, 2024

    Please use the available template ‘Template poster’ and upload it in the contribution tab.
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